Seen by a Stranger / by Amanda Gentry

Brother John, Josie

Recently I was notified by Instagram that I had been tagged in a few posted images. Curious, I followed the trail and found louiseandmaurice. Upon further clicking, I landed on the blog site of Chicago-based artist and writer, Erinn M. Cox, and immediately found a review of my most recent show, I Am Here, at Lillstreet Art Center. I'll admit it. I Google Amanda Gentry from time to time to see what pops up. But this bumping into myself on the internet was completely out of the blue and unexpected. I started to read and my eyes filled with tears. I was overcome by the notion that a perfect stranger would not only take the time to be with my work but would then turn around and put their experience of it into words. While that act alone moved me, the review itself captured the emotional takeaway that I've always hoped my work would have on another, leaving me feeling as though I had been truly seen. Thank you, perfect stranger.